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“When I found out I was pregnant, I knew immediately I wanted to have a birth photographer during my baby’s delivery to capture all the priceless moments. I wanted everyone in the room to be present and enjoy the experience of Scarlett’s birth rather than view it from behind their iPhone cameras. I searched online for a Dallas birth photographer and I am so happy I found Ashley’s page. I fell in love with Ashley’s birth photography immediately. I was drawn to the raw emotion he captures in his pictures and this translated to my daughters birth photos as well. At first, I was a little hesitant knowing there would be a man other than my husband in the room seeing everything there was to see. However, Ashley was the epitome of professionalism. He didn’t obstruct or intrude on the delivery at all, he simply blended into the background. My labor was very long and had many highs and lows. Ashley was very patient, made himself available at a moments notice, and was extremely accessible throughout the night for updates on my progress. I am so happy with all the pictures, they are truly breathtaking! I will definitely call upon him again when we decide to have another baby! “
– Katie

“11-9-11 was the day my Blessing was born at Medical City in Dallas. A perfect combination of time and epidurals would erase the memories from my mind if it weren’t for Ashley. Our meeting was by chance. I had met with all my girlfriends early in my pregnancy to ask one questions: What’s the biggest “baby thing” you wish you would NOT have done and the biggest “baby thing” you wish you would HAVE done looking back? They told me all about wasted money on wiper warmers and such but each one of them had the same wish…They all had regrets for not having the miracle of birth captured in photographs. Soon after I became obsessed with what was known as “THE” DFW Birth Photographer. For months I messaged her cell phone, left a post on her blog, emailed her and even went to her Facebook with not one reply. Eventually, I came to realize it was not meant to be because if she couldn’t respond to my light stalking how in the world would she ever make it to my child’s birth??? I began to search the Internet for a photographer with photos in comparison. No luck. Then, I came across Ashley Langford and loved the way the photos told a story: Clock, Family, Tears, Anxiety, Relief, Love. The first time I called Ashley, he answered! Good start! I found out Ashley was a man. O, no! We began to talk and he told me he specialized in wedding photography but many of his brides requested that he also photograph the births of their children when they became pregnant. I was impressed by his work so I had faith. You would never believe how many funny looks I got when telling friends and family first of all about a birth photographer but secondly about one that was a man! Now they are all jealous they don’t have their births documented. We never found out the sex of the baby and now our first reaction is captured forever. The first breath, the first kiss, my husband going to deliver the news to the waiting room, the reaction of family, every emotion captured. Forever. I created a book for my son who is now two years old and it’s a daily read. I hardly remember Ashley being there. I remember him coming into the room but since he stood behind my head I forgot all about him. My husband said he loves the photo of him walking towards the waiting room to share the news. He says,” I didn’t even know he was behind me. Honestly, I don’t even remember Ashley leaving. There are really no words and no testimony to describe how thankful I am for being able to relive the most wonderful moment of my life anytime I choose. Feel free to look at my Birth Story: Max-Medical City and if you have any questions or reservations Ashley can always provide you my contact information.”
– Rachel

“After Ashley photographed our wedding and we learned that we were expecting our first baby, we thought “wouldn’t it be awesome if he photographed our son’s birth?!”. We were one of the first births that Ashley shot and the results were breathtaking and beautiful! He stayed in our hospital room ALL day from morning until late night when our sweet baby was born. All of the pictures were captured in a tasteful manner, as Ashley stayed in the far corner, behind the bed and my head. He was able to capture precious moments between myself and my husband and all of our family members, that we wouldn’t have captured otherwise. As soon as our baby was born, he took gorgeous pictures of our newborn and family members as they fell in love with our baby. We sent the pictures to our OB/GYN, who delivered our son, and she later told us that the entire office staff cried as they watched the slideshow. The pictures adorn our walls and photo albums and we loved them so much that we asked Ashley to photograph our daughter’s birth, two years later. Again, Ashley stayed with us all day and very tastefully photographed her birth. All of our family members have been blown away by Ashley’s work and we feel so blessed to have our precious memories captured forever.”
– Savannah

“Hiring Ashley Langford to photograph the birth of my son was probably the smartest thing I’ve done in a while. I’m so glad I will always have perfect photos to remember the day by.”
– Amanda

“We love the slideshow and are absolutely in love with all of the photos. I look at them all the time; they’re so special and I can’t even tell you how happy we are with them. They exceeded all of our expectations and I’m so thankful we had you there to capture everything.”
– Stacie

“My husband and I were lucky enough to have Ashley Langford as the photographer at our wedding. When we found out that we were expecting our first baby and I decided I wanted a photographer there for the birth I thought to myself, “Why not Ashley?” I treasure our wedding photos and I figured if he was there to document the first most joyous day of my life, why not now the second? When friends have since asked, “You had a male photographer at your birth?!” they are shocked when I tell them that I hardly even noticed that he was there. Ashley has a way of blending in and he is not one to continually flash the camera in your face as he works to catch a shot. Yet, when I received my photos, I was amazed at how perfectly he was able to capture each and every moment of our son’s birthday. Ashley has an amazing God-given talent for capturing the emotion of the day in breathtaking photos that become keepsakes forever.”
– Jessica

“Ashley is awesome! I hired Ashley as my birth photographer after he was referred to me by a friend of mine online. I was having to search quickly for a new photographer due some issues I had with the previous photographer I hired earlier in the pregnancy.

I won’t lie once I found out Ashley was a guy (his name took me by surprise) when I called I was a bit off set at first. However, my fiance reminded me how much I loved his work more than everyone else’s that I was given to review and also how my back up OB (I was using a midwife) was a guy too.

So, we did it, we hired him and it was the best decision ever! As a mom who ended up with a c-section it was even more amazing because there is so much that I didn’t get to see or don’t remember and having this photo’s allow me to share in the moment’s I couldn’t be apart of. I love how colorful the images were as well as the softness of others. I will treasure these photos for the rest of my life. Thank you Ashley!”
– Misty

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